Promek Break Cold Drink Dispenser
The heavy duty Drink Dispenser

The Promek Break Cold Drink Dispenser is a high quality, European designed and manufactured machine, built to handle more robust products like fresh fruit juices containing pulp and/or seeds.

  • Designed to handle drinks with pulp and/or seeds
  • Double jacket, refrigerated Stainless Steel Cylinder cools quickly and homogenously
  • Model available for thicker products like soups and yoghurt
  • Simple cleaning means excellent hygiene
  • Non-drip tap is designed for easy operation
  • Option of bottom lighting for enhanced visual impact

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


... and there are many more, locally and internationally.

The Break Cold Drink Dispenser range

The Promek Break Cold Drink Dispensers are the heavy lifters in our Cold Drink Dispenser range, with the ability to deliver drink products that are more demanding, like fruit juice with pulp or seeds, and even soups and yoghurts.

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Promek Break Cold Drink Dispensers

Promek Break Cold Drink are designed and Manufactured in Europe, and sold across the world. They are premium quality machines with legendary reliability.

The Promek Break units are specially designed to handle drinks of a more robust nature, like fruit juices with pulp and/or seeds.

They are self-contained, compact and eye-catching. Backed by market-leading warranties, a full range of Spare Parts and our great customer service, the Promek Break range of Cold Drink Dispensers is a really solid investment.

Features of the Promek Break Cold Drink Dispenser range

  • Capable of handling more robust drink products, like fruit juice with pulp.
  • European designed and made, since 1967.
  • 8L bowls in 1, 2 and 3 bowl models.
  • Double jacket, refrigerated Stainless Steel Cylinder cools quickly and thoroughly.
  • Front panel is Stainless Steel.
  • Side panels come in a standard red, but other colours are available on request.
  • High accuracy temperature control with thermostat in direct contact with beverage.
  • Non-drip dispenser taps for easy operation.
  • Two-piece paddle creates optimal mixing with minimum froth and also protects the motor from damage caused by blockage.,/
  • Simple, advanced design for exceptional reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Simple bowl removal for thorough cleaning and optimal hygiene.
  • Bowls are food-grade transparent thermoplastic, with a graduated scale for accurate measurements.,/
  • Refrigeration system features a fan-cooled hermetic compressor.
  • Drip tray is easily removable for effective cleaning.
  • Self-contained unit simply plugs into a 240V, 10 amp outlet.
  • Special version available for extra thick products like soups and yoghurts.
  • Special version available with lighting below the bowl, illuminating the product from below to create a striking visual effect.
  • Full decal service is available to create an attractive promotional platform, or to suit your décor.

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B-108 | B-216 | B-324


Technical diagram (jpeg): Promek Break Drink Dispenser (B series)
Brochure (pdf): Promek Break Drink Dispenser (B series)

Technical data

3 years limited warranty: 1 year labour / 3 years parts

Model Capacity (L) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
B 108 1 x 8 645 295 325
B 216 2 x 8 645 550 330
B 324 3 x 8 645 790 330

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