Promek Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispenser
European, Commercial, Quality

This high quality, slimline machine is fantastic value, particularly when you think of how long it will last.

  • Double jacket, refrigerated Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • Slimline design creates tiny footprint
  • Precise temperature control with easy adjustment
  • Huge range of capacity options, from 12 litres to 50 litres
  • Simple cleaning means excellent hygiene
  • Non-drip tap is designed for one-handed operation
  • Two piece paddle optimises mixing with minimal froth

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


... and there are many more, locally and internationally.

The Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispenser range

The Promek Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispensers come in a huge range of capacity options, with two bowl sizes and configurations from one to 4 bowls.

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Promek Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispensers

Our most popular line of Cold Drink Dispensers, the Promek Coolfresh machines are standard specification for many companies right across the world.

With excellent design features, these machines are easy to use and maintain – and go for ever.

If you want a Drink Dispenser to handle most popular non-carbonated, non-pulp drinks like fruit juice from concentrate, sports drinks, flavoured iced tea and milk-based drinks (including milk), have a close look at the Coolfresh machines – they are one of the world’s favourite drink dispensers.

Features of the Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispensers

  • European design and manufacture, since 1967.
  • Slimline, high capacity machines optimise shelf space.
  • 12L bowls in 1, 2, 3 and 4 bowl models and 25L bowls in 1 or 2 bowl models.
  • Double jacket, refrigerated Stainless Steel Cylinder cools quickly and thoroughly
  • High accuracy temperature control with thermostat in direct contact with beverage.
  • Horizontal push, no drip dispenser taps for one hand operation.
  • Two piece paddle creates optimal mixing with minimum froth and also protects the motor from damage caused by blockage.
  • Simple, advanced design for high reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Simple bowl removal for thorough cleaning and optimal hygiene.
  • Bowls are food-grade transparent thermoplastic, with a graduated scale for accurate measurements.
  • Refrigeration system features a fan-cooled hermetic compressor.
  • Drip tray is easily removable for effective cleaning.
  • The solid frame is made from zinc coated tropicalised steel.
  • Self-contained unit simply plugs into a 240V, 10 amp outlet.

View larger images:

VL-125 | VL-112 | VL-250 | VL-223 | VL-334 | VL-446


Technical diagram (jpeg): Promek Coolfresh Drink Dispenser (VL series)
Brochure (pdf): Promek Coolfresh Drink Dispenser (VL series)

Technical data

3 years limited warranty: 1 year labour / 3 years parts

Model Capacity (L) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
VL 112 1 x 12  665 180 425 19
VL 223 2 x 12 665 335 450 28
VL 334 3 x 12 665 500 435 35
VL 446 4 x 12 665 660 450 44
VL 125            1 x 25 675 335 450 28
VL 250 2 x 25 675 660 450 44
VL 234 1x12 + 1x25 675 335 450 28
VL 346 2x12 + 1x25 675 660 450 44

Power: 240V, 10 amps

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