One of the best Fairy Floss machines internationally, the Spin Magic 5 is incredibly rugged and produces consistently high quality fairy floss in a wide range of conditions.


Our Fairy Floss Machine Carts are simply stunning. As if the promise of Fairy Floss isn’t enough, these eye-catching carts should seal the deal. We also stock high grade Fairy Floss base and other consumables.

Fairy Floss is magical, appealing to kids of all ages, and perfect for any venue that is catering to children. This includes Carnivals, Cinemas, indoor play centres, bowling alleys, video stores, party hire, event management etc.

The Paragon Spin Magic 5 Fairy Floss machine is one of the very best in the world. With peerless design features and manufacturing quality, Paragon have established a reputation for premium performance and ultra reliability.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE HEAD: Years of design refinement, and a total commitment to quality engineering, has created a head that gives optimum yield and control. All metal construction makes it incredibly strong and is a primary reason these machines are so unbelievably reliable.
  • HEAVY DUTY MOTOR: Completely shielded from sugar, the heavy-duty motor runs at 4300 rpm for fast delivery of fairy Floss.
  • EXCELLENT ELECTRONIC CONTROL: For prefect Fairy Floss, every time.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CABINET: Rugged construction means this machine will withstand the rigours of commercial use.
  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Every piece of these machines is proudly manufactured in the US state of Iowa. It’s how they’ve done it since 1965, and it’s how they’ve managed to establish such a reputation for quality and reliability.
  • RELIABILITY: The Paragon Fairy Floss machine carries the best warranty on the market. It is virtually unstoppable, and should continue to create profit for you long after the warranty is over.
  • LEADING EDGE DESIGN FEATURES: See below. After decades of commercial experience and design refinement, these machines are simply superb.
  • CLASSIC STYLING: The Fairy Floss machine styling is all nostalgia, particularly the carts, with their antique look. This is all about creating a powerful emotional connection with your audience.
  • WARRANTY: Class leading warranties tell their own story (see “reliability” above).
  • SPARE PARTS: Davidson Hospitality keeps stock of all parts for the entire Paragon range, even though you’ll hardly ever need them.
  • SERVICE: We stand behind every machine we sell with attentive service and deep industry knowledge.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE: On top of the premium quality and support, Davidson Hospitality provides Paragon machines at very competitive prices in the local market.

High performance Fairy Floss machines

Don’t be fooled, the product is fluffy and fun, but the Paragon Spin Magic 5 Fairy Floss machine, is anything but. The Spin Magic 5 is a commercial grade, moneymaking, capital investment. The engineering is uncompromising and focussed on creating great product every time. You should also check out our Fairy Floss cart and accessories and our full range of Fairy Floss Consumables.