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We have changed our name

ACS West Vend has been a market leader in Concession Hospitality Equipment for many years.

Our name has changed, but our team, and our exceptional customer service, remains exactly the same.

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


... and there are many more, locally and internationally.

Slushie Machines, Cold Drink Dispensers, Popcorn, Sno-Cone
and Fairy Floss Machines

Many well known brands across Australia use our machines, including Donut King, Boost Juice, Midori, Jose Cuervo and Berri Juice. These hospitality products have developed a reputation for extraordinary reliability and ROI.

Promek and Paragon are two brands that are recognised internationally for outstanding quality, reliability and great performance. Davidson Hospitality are proud to be sole Australian distributors for both of these market leading brands.

We back all of our products with market leading warranties, great service and a full range of Spare Parts. We are even set up to be able to get most orders on a truck the same day we get the order.

Premium quality products, from two of the world’s foremost manufacturers, at competitive prices, backed by incredible support - that’s just good business.

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Promek: European designed Slushie machines
and Cold Drink Dispensers

Promek have been producing Granita machines (more commonly known as Slushie or Slush machines) and Cold Drink Dispensers, since 1967. They are market leaders internationally, with a pedigree that has been constantly enhanced by ongoing research and development.

Promek Slushie machines and Cold Drink Dispensers are the epitome of great industrial design; deceptively simple, beautifully easy to use and maintain - and unbelievably reliable.

A key difference with Promek is the manufacturer’s willingness to customise their machines, for larger orders, to suit particular commercial situations. Davidson Hospitality can also provide full decal customisation of these machines to support your branding requirements.

With the potential for extraordinary margins in the Slushie market, the Promek Slushie machines are obvious choices. This is both in the traditional markets like cafes and convenience stores, as well as in the emerging market for frozen cocktails like Margaritas, Daiquiris and Pina Coladas.

Paragon: USA manufactured Popcorn Machines,
Sno Cone Machines and Fairy Floss machines

Paragon, a family-owned company nestled amongst corn farms in the centre of Iowa, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Popcorn Machines, Sno Cone Machines and Fairy Floss Machines - exporting to 43 countries.

Paragon has consistently refined the designs of their machines, leveraging the latest technology at every opportunity to keep their products at the leading edge. They own numerous patents and have introduced many innovations to the market.

Paragon Popcorn machines, Sno Cone machines and Fairy Floss machines are world-class products. When you want performance, ease of use and incredible reliability, you would buy a Paragon.

Quality machines for serious ROI

Many of these machines could easily pay for themselves in a month. After that, it’s nearly all profit. When you’re dealing with consumer products, which have such high potential for incredible ROI, it just doesn't make sense to buy a cheaper, inferior machine. Each day of break-down could cost hundreds of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention repair or replacement costs.

There is serious money to be made in Concession products, and Davidson Hospitality brings you the premium quality machines that can help you do that with enormous confidence.

Great Warranties and full Spare Parts back-up

We support all of our product lines with great service, long warranties and a full Spare Parts inventory. Our warranties are the best in the country and the Spare Parts we stock in our warehouse could easily save you thousands of dollars of lost revenue in the (unlikely) event of a breakdown.

Some lower cost machines on the market don’t offer spare parts at all, even though they are the very machines that need them. We’ve even had repair technicians looking through our catalogue on the off chance they could source replacement parts for these cheaper, third party machines.

Davidson Hospitality: The very best in Australian service

Davidson Hospitality has a reputation for great service. We go out of our way to meet our clients’ needs and are always available to answer questions, fix problems or create solutions. We are proud to be the sole distributors for both Promek and Paragon products in Australia.

We have invested in significant warehouse facilities and inventory holdings, allowing us to get most orders on the truck the same day we receive the call. We work hard to earn your continued business.

Give us a call, at any time, and talk to us about Slushie machines, Popcorn machines, Cold Drink Dispensers, Sno Cone machines and Fairy Floss machines. More about Davidson Hospitality.

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