Theatre Series Popcorn Machines
For when you really need Popcorn

These contemporary styled Paragon Popcorn machines are recognised, internationally, for unstoppable reliability and consistently great product.

  • Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA
  • A high-output, hard-coat anodised aluminum kettle
  • Convenient side-hinged kettle for easy operation and cleaning
  • Built in warming tray and Stainless Steel food zone
  • Tempered glass cabinets
  • Internal lighting for POS promotion
  • Market leading warranty

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


... and there are many more, locally and internationally.

The Theatre Series: Serious Popcorn fun

The Theatre Series is our largest range of Popcorn machines, starting at the small 4oz machine and moving through to the enormous 16oz machines.

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The ultimate Popcorn machines

Paragon has been operating since 1965. They export, from their factory in Iowa, to more than 43 countries around the world.

The Theatre range of Popcorn machines is the stuff of legend: high performance, amazing reliability and classic, sharp styling – these units are exactly what Popcorn machines should be.

We stand behind every one of these machines with our legendary Davidson service, long warranties and a full range of spare parts.

You should also check out our range of Carts for Popcorn Machines for even greater visual (and emotional) impact and our Popcorn Warmers for handling peak demand. We also provide a full range of Popcorn Consumables.

Features of the Paragon range of Popcorn Machines

Some of the key features of the Paragon range of Popcorn machines:

  • Anodised Aluminium Kettle. Poppers feature high output, hard-coat anodised aluminium kettles for optimum performance and easy cleaning.

  • Side Hinged Kettles. The side-hinged kettles are simple to operate and maintain. This design facilitates cleaning because you can reach all parts of the kettle. Just wipe it with a damp cloth regularly to eliminate most of the baked-on carbon, which is common in oil-based cooking appliances.

  • Sturdy Cabinet Construction. The cabinets feature aluminium extruded side post construction for superior structural integrity. Channels inside the side posts protect wiring from oil residues that cause electrical shorts and operation interruptions. All metal on the cabinet is finished with powder-coated paint that resists chipping.

  • Stainless Steel food zone and Tempered Glass Panels. The stainless steel bottom trays, drop doors and old-maid drawers are removable for quick cleaning. Tempered glass side and back panels are designed for safety and easy cleaning – just wipe with a standard glass cleaner.

  • Built-In Warming Deck & Stainless Steel Base*. A 50-watt heating element sits underneath the bottom tray. As heat rises, bottom heating is better than heat lamps, which only warm the top layer of popcorn. This bottom-heating element keeps all the popcorn in the cabinet warm and at the ideal serving temperature. Depending on the humidity level, popcorn can stay fresh all day if kept at the right temperature.

  • Old Maid Drawer*. A stainless steel drawer built into the base of the popper collects the unpopped kernels, or old maids. The small holes in the tray allow the old maids to fall through, while keeping the popped corn in the serving cabinet. Just remove the drawer for simple cleaning

  • Infrared Toughcoat Heat Lamp. Safety-coated light bulb is both shatter-resistant and water-resistant, preventing glass fragments if broken. The light illuminates the cabinet interior and highlights the popped corn for added impulse sales.

* Note: These features are not included in the 4oz model.

Other features of the Theatre Paragon Popcorn machine series

  • Larger units feature gas spring assisted kettle for easy unloading (12oz and 16oz units only)
  • Four switch operation on larger units (12oz and 16oz units only)
  • Kettle “ready” lights (12oz and 16oz units only)
  • Market-leading Warranties
  • Full range of original Paragon Spare Parts
  • Backed with legendary Davidson Hospitality service
  • Competitive pricing


Manuals (pdf): 4oz | 6oz | 8oz | 12oz | 16oz
Images (jpeg): Theatre Series 4oz | 6oz | 8oz | 12oz | 16oz

Technical data

3 years limited warranty: 1 year labour / 2 years parts

Model Output* Power (watts) Height** (mm) Width** (mm) Depth** (mm) Weight (kg)
4oz 92 1100 610 410 360 25
6oz 112 1200 660 510 360 29
8oz 147 1420 740 510 360 32
12oz 221 1690 1010 710 590 54
16oz 295 2790 910 760 590 54

*Output: Measured in number of 1oz serves per hour

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