Delicious, popular Slush flavours

We manufacture our Granita syrups here in Sydney. The recipes have been refined, for over 25 years, specifically for the Australian market. There’s nothing more refreshing!

  • Wide range of Slushie Syrups
  • Australian made for local conditions
  • Guaranteed popular flavours maximise profit
  • Frozen Cocktail bases for Margaritas and Daiquiris
  • Optimum Brix value for perfect Granita consistency
  • Cups and Straws: The complete Slushie package

Australia’s favourite Slushies

We’ve been creating our own Slushie Syrup flavours for more than a quarter of a century – we know what the Australian market likes. We’ve got a large range of Slushie flavours, and every one is a cracker!

Our syrups use high quality ingredients and are competitively priced. These are no ordinary flavours – they are tailor made for this big, hot country.

And frozen cocktails: Perfect Margaritas and Daiquiris

We make syrups specifically for frozen cocktails. The classic Margaritas and Daiquiris are becoming more and more popular across the country.

But what about creating a new frozen cocktail? There is really no limit to what can be created – you just need the right brix value and/or freezing supplement and you could have a brand new market channel for your beverage.

Slushie Consumables

Slushie / Slush / Slushy / Granita Syrups

All Slushie Syrups come in either 12L cartons (3x4L bottles, single flavour) or a 10L Keg.

Raspberry Ice bottles

Raspberry Ice kegs

Blue Lemonade bottles

Blue Lemonade kegs

Lime Freeze bottles

Lime Freeze kegs

Island Dream bottles

Island Dream kegs

Orange Crush bottles

Orange Crush kegs

Pineapple Crush bottles

Pineapple Crush kegs

Tropical Tango bottles

Tropical Tango kegs

Wild Berry bottles

Wild Berry kegs

Strawberry bottlesStrawberry kegs

Natural Lemon bottlesNatural Lemon kegs

Cola Crush bottles

Cola Crush kegs

Natural Base bottlesNeutral Base kegs

Cups & Straws

200ml natural cups

225ml natural cups

255ml natural cups

285ml natural cups

340ml natural cups

425ml natural cups

250 Spoon Straws