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Reliable with classic styling, legendary Paragon Sno Cone machines

Sno cone cart and syrup


High quality, Australian made Snow Cone Syrups. Also stunning Sno Cone carts to boost sales.

Carnivals, Circuses, Cinemas, Convenience stores, Kiosks, Corner stores… Snow Cones are the classic “Fun Food”. They are particularly popular in this sunburnt land, anywhere that kids are having a great time.

Snow Cone makers are, very simply, specialised ice-shaving machines. Blocks of ice are loaded into the funnel and pressed down through rotating blades to form a bed of “snow”. This snow is scooped out and (normally) served in a paper cone with a dose of flavoured syrup to create a delicious and refreshing treat.

Sno Cones are “Fun Food”. If you want an ultra-reliable Sno Cone machine with exceptional performance, and fantastic retro-cool looks, you would just purchase a Paragon. It’s a classic way to turn fun into cash.

  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Every little piece of these machines is proudly manufactured in the US. It’s how they’ve done it since 1965, and it’s how they’ve managed to establish such a reputation for quality and reliability.
  • RELIABILITY: Paragon Sno Cone machines carry the best warranty in the country. This is just a hint of how reliable these machines are. Great design and quality control, year after year, means that these units will just keep on running, year in, year out.
  • LEADING EDGE DESIGN FEATURES: Sturdy Stainless Steel and Aluminium casing, resilient powder coat finish, cast Aluminium components and Stainless Steel blades, Slanted Drain deck… these machines are simple but beautifully designed to make them easy to use and maintain.
  • CLASSIC STYLING: You just gotta love the retro styling. It’s exactly how a Snow Cone machine should look.
  • WARRANTY: Class leading warranties tell a story in themselves (see “reliability” above).
  • SPARE PARTS: Davidson Hospitality keeps stock of all parts for the entire Paragon range, even though you’re unlikely to ever need any.
  • SERVICE: At the end of the day, this is not about machines; it’s about your business turning maximum profit. We understand this, which is why we provide the world’s best machines and back them with solid service.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE: On top of the premium quality and support, Davidson Hospitality provides Paragon machines at very competitive prices in the local market.

Paragon Sno Cone machines are icons

Proudly manufactured in the heart of the US, the Paragon Snow Cone machines are sold in more than 43 countries.

They are rugged, high quality machines, ready for any commercial application. They are also backed by market leading warranties and a full range of original Spare Parts.

Snow Cones – just as you remember them

Kids across the globe are being made a little happier, virtually every minute of the day, courtesy of a Paragon Sno Cone machine.

With a powerful motor, Stainless Steel blades and cast aluminium components, the Paragon Sno Cone machine is virtually unstoppable. Incredible attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to quality give Paragon machines unmatched reliability and performance.

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


… and there are many more, locally and internationally.

Sno Cones – just for fun

Well, actually, it’s just for money. But the kids have fun.

Subtracting the cost of consumables, Sno Cones have the potential to realise huge margins. In many situations, these Snow Cone makers can pay for themselves in a matter of months.

That’s fun!

Davidson Hospitality keeps a full range of spare parts in the unlikely event of a breakdown. We also stock a very popular range of Sno Cone Syrups, manufactured here in Australia to suit local conditions.