High quality European engineering, at a competitive price

Since 1967, Promek have been producing world class Cold Drink Dispensers.

Companies using these machines include Donut King, Boost Juice, Berri Juice, Dairy Farmers, Goulburn Valley Juice, Macquarie Valley Juice and Pura Milk.

Cold Drink Dispensers: Reliability you could bet your house on

These machines are a distributor’s dream. They just don’t stop; Promek Cold Drink Dispensers will keep going, delivering premium performance, for years.

The reason for this reliability is obvious when you look at the machines. Uncompromising quality, both in terms of design and manufacture, has made Promek one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of commercial Cold Drink Dispensers.

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


… and there are many more, locally and internationally.


Our most popular line, the Coolfresh range of Cold Drink Dispensers features slimline design and high capacity bowls in 1, 2, 3 and 4 bowl configurations. Coolfresh units will handle most popular pulp-free (non-carbonated) drinks e.g. fruit juice from concentrates, sports drinks, flavoured iced tea and milk-based drinks.

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Promek Starfresh Cold Drink Dispensers are our most versatile units, featuring slimline design and high capacity bowls in 1, 2 and 3 bowl configurations. Starfresh units will handle most popular (non-carbonated) drinks, including fruit juice with pulp, fruit juice from concentrates, sports drinks, flavoured iced tea and milk-based drinks.

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The Break series of Cold Drink Dispensers is designed to handle heavier drinks like fruit juice with pulp or seeds. They can also be configured to deliver thicker products like soup and yoghurt. The Break Dispensers also have the option of internal lighting from beneath the bowl, creating a very attractive display for POS impulse purchases.

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Cafeterias, Juice kiosks, clubs, restaurants, convenience stores… these are just some of the businesses that use Cold Drink Dispensers. Many cafes and fast food outlets utilise Promek machines as a convenient and hygienic solution for milk storage/delivery.

Many drink manufacturers have chosen Promek Cold Drink Dispensers as the vehicle for selling their product in retail outlets. After many years of trading in Australia, Promek Cold Drink Dispensers can be found in a large number of high profile businesses, including Donut King, Boost Juice, Berri Juice, Dairy Farmers, Goulburn Valley Juice, Macquarie Valley Juice and Pura Milk.

High quality, superb performance and competitive price – and reliability

  • EUROPEAN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE: Promek is a leading manufacturer of Cold Drink Dispensers, internationally. They have been operating since 1967, in Italy, and use only the highest grade of materials and components.
  • RELIABILITY: Promek Cold Drink Dispensers are ridiculously reliable. It’s actually how it should be – just turn them on and get on with your business, not have to worry about whether your Drink Dispensers are going to break down.
  • EXCELLENT COOLING: Double jacket, stainless steel refrigerated central cylinder ensures fast and consistent cooling.
  • EASE OF USE: Decades of commercial use and constant research and development have resulted in machines that are both wonderful to use and simple in design.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Easy bowl removal and smart component design makes Promek Cold Drink Dispensers really easy to clean and maintain, for optimal hygiene and minimal down time.
  • RANGE: Promek offers a large range of Cold Drink Dispensers, covering a wide range of drink product including most popular (non-carbonated) drinks, with or without pulp – even thicker products like soups and yoghurt.
  • CUSTOMISATION: Promek stands out from the leading international competitors in that it will customise machines to suit customer requirements for larger orders. What allows this to happen is the company structure, which maintains a fluid and powerful connection between the executive and the marketing, sales, design and manufacturing sections.
  • WARRANTY: Class leading warranties tell a story in themselves (see “reliability” above).
  • SPARE PARTS: In a world where low-cost competitors are bringing Cold Drink Dispensers to market without even providing Spare Parts at all – Davidson Hospitality keep stock of all parts for the entire Promek range.
  • SERVICE: We position ourselves as providers of high quality products, with high levels of support at competitive prices.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE: On top of the premium quality and support, Davidson Hospitality provides Promek machines at very competitive prices in the local market.

Bet on it

When you purchase a Cold Drink Dispenser, you don’t want to have to worry about how long it will last, or how well it will perform. You just want it to work.

These Promek Cold Drink Dispensers are some of the best in the world, they are competitively priced and they are backed up with market leading warranties, a full range of spare parts and our own promise of great service.

That’s about as good as it gets.