Popcorn Extras: Carts and more
The Whole Popcorn Package

Our Popcorn Carts create enormous Promotional impact, our Popcorn Warmers help you manage product flow and we’ve got all the corn, oil, salt and bags you’ll need to get your Popcorn show up and running.

  • Classic Retro-style carts create nostalgic emotional pull
  • All Popcorn Machine Carts made entirely in the US
  • Rugged steel Cart construction and chip-resistant coating
  • Carts disassemble easily for transport and storage
  • Corn kernels are highest quality for consistent quality
  • 100% Vegetable Oils with natural beta-carotene yellow

Paragon Popcorn carts: The ultimate Popcorn promotion

These classic, retro styled machines are all about nostalgia. They really make the whole popcorn event much more exciting. The carts come in three sizes; small, medium and large and will suit both the 1911 series and the Theatre series Popcorn machines.

Small Popcorn Cart

  • 53cm x 86 x 84(H)
  • For 4oz machines
  • Product: Popcorn Machine Carts
  • Brand: Paragon (USA)
  • 53cm x 86 x 84(H), For 4oz machines

Medium Popcorn Cart

  • 56cm x 97 x 84(H)
  • For 6 & 8oz machines
  • Product: Popcorn Machine Carts
  • Brand: Paragon (USA)
  • 56cm x 97 x 84(H), For 6 & 8oz machines

Large Popcorn Cart

64cm x 112 x 61(H)
For 12 & 16oz machines
Product: Popcorn Machine Carts
Brand: Paragon (USA)
64cm x 112 x 61(H), For 12 & 16oz machines

Popcorn Machine Carts, Popcorn Warmers
Everything you need for Perpetually Perfect Popcorn

Popcorn is not so much a food as much as it is an experience. Popcorn equates to “fun” – it evokes a deep-seated emotional response that is irresistable. For experiences like cosying down for a great movie, or creating a sense of excitement at an event – nothing beats Popcorn.

Who uses these machines?

Here are just some of the well-known companies and/or brands that use our equipment:


… and there are many more, locally and internationally.

Popcorn Warmers

These units are designed to keep your popcorn fresh all day. These units help you manage your peak times and slow times. They are manufactured to exactly the same high standards as the Popcorn machines and are backed with our full range of Spare Parts and great customer service.

Large Warmer

  • 38cm x 38 x 73(H)
  • Weight 22kg
  • Product: Popcorn Warmers
  • Brand: Paragon (USA)
  • 38cm x 38 x 73(H), Weight 22kg, Heated Stainless Steel deck

Small Warmer

  • 30cm x 38 x 65(H)
  • Weight 16kg
  • Product: Popcorn Warmers
  • Brand: Paragon (USA)
  • 30cm x 38 x 65(H), Weight 16kg, Heated Stainless Steel deck

Popcorn Consumables

Our Corn kernels, oils and salt are high grade to ensure consistent performance. The Oil is 100% vegetable oil with a small amount of natural Beta-Carotene colouring that gives the Popcorn the attractive, and classic, yellow colour.

Popcorn Corn Kernels

Sold in 15kg & 25kg bags
15kg bag

Popcorn Oil

Sold in 10L & 20L containers

Popcorn Seasoning Salt

Sold in 1L & 4L containers
Popcorn Seasoning Salt 1L

Popcorn Printed bags


(10cm x 20cm tall)


(11.5 cm x 25cm tall)


(13.5cm x 25cm tall)