The “Theatre” series of Popcorn Machines is a contemporary style machine, with classic graphics making a big, fun Popcorn statement.


All the POPCORN consumables to complement your popcorn maker – two sizes of popcorn warmers, never run out of product to sell – the one-stop shop at Davidson Hospitality

Cinemas, video stores, party hire companies, event management companies, carnivals, circuses, convenience stores, kiosks and corner stores… Popcorn is another classic “Fun Food”, and is the reigning king of “Movie Food”.

Any venue that caters for children or parties is also a candidate for popcorn machines e.g. schools, church and community groups, convention centres, zoos, museums, sports complexes etc.

You will even find these machines in people’s own home theatres – the Four Ounce Popcorn Poppers were actually designed for the domestic market.

Paragon Popcorn machines are amongst the very best in the world. With peerless design features and manufacturing quality, Paragon have established a reputation for premium performance and ultra reliability.

  • DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Every little piece of these machines is proudly manufactured in the US. It’s how they’ve done it since 1965, and it’s how they’ve managed to establish such a reputation for quality and reliability.
  • RELIABILITY: Paragon Popcorn machines carry the best warranty in the country. They are extraordinarily reliable, and should continue to create profit for you long after the warranty is over.
  • LEADING EDGE DESIGN FEATURES: See below. After decades of commercial experience and design refinement, these machines are simply constructed but beautifully designed to make them easy to use and maintain.
  • CLASSIC STYLING: Both series of Popcorn machines have classic style – they look exactly like a Popcorn machines “Should” look like.
  • WARRANTY: Class leading warranties tell their own story (see “reliability” above).
  • SPARE PARTS: Davidson Hospitality keeps stock of all parts for the entire Paragon range, even though you’re unlikely to ever need any.
  • SERVICE: At the end of the day, this is not about machines; it’s about your business turning maximum profit. We understand this, which is why we provide the world’s best machines and back them with solid service.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICE: On top of the premium quality and support, Davidson Hospitality provides Paragon machines at very competitive prices in the local market.

Popcorn – create some magic

Popcorn is fun food – and these Paragon Popcorn machines shout “Fun!”

These poppers are also, of course, high-grade professional machines designed to help you increase your profitability. To the consumers, however, they add a little bit of magic to their day.

Bring some of this world-class magic into your own business – no one ever regrets purchasing a Paragon machine.